Delta County Christian Home Educators (DCCHE) Athletic Agreement 2016-2017

The DCCHE Athletic Agreement has been developed to provide a uniform set of rules and regulations to govern all athletic participants. Athletes are to comply with all aspects of the agreement if they desire to play.

All privileges come with responsibilities. We adhere strongly to the policy that an athlete is a representative of his/her team, and most importantly Jesus Christ. This agreement is based on the following general expectations:

Athletes (behavior and attitude and play)

  1. Should reflect high levels of integrity and a commitment to striving toward Christ-likeness.
  2. Should not reflect negatively on or discredit DCCHE, in speech, attitude or dress.
  3. Should not create a disruptive influence on other players. The goal should be to build up and support teammates.


As an athlete, I understand that it is my responsibility to:

  1. Show respect for coaches, teammates, and opponents. This can be accomplished by having a positive attitude, respectful words, and modest clothing in accordance with the dress code.
  2. Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Only team captains may speak to the referees. No disrespectful comments will be tolerated at all.
  3. 1st Offense-Warning, followed by a discussion with coach and a written apology letter to game official.
  4. 2nd Offense- 1 game suspension
  5. 3rd Offense- Off the team for the season
  6. Exhibit fair play, sportsmanship, and proper conduct on and off the court at all times.
  7. Respect all equipment and use it safely and appropriately.
  8. Refrain from the use of profanity, vulgarity and other offensive language and gestures.
  9. 1st Offense-Warning, followed by a discussion with coach and a written apology letter to offending party.
  10. 2nd Offense- 1 game suspension
  11. 3rd Offense- Off the team for the season
  12. Refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.
  13. 1st Offense- 3 game suspension. Athlete may be present on the team bench, but not participate in the game. Practice will be at the coach’s discretion. Loss of special awards.
  14. 2nd Offense- Off the team for the season.
  15. Players receiving a technical foul will sit out the rest of the game.  Any additional technical fouls during the season will result in loss of play that game and the next.
  16. All players must adhere to the dress code. If you arrive to practice without proper attire, you will be asked to change. If you do not have something to change into, you will not be allowed to practice. If you arrive at a game without the proper uniform, you will not be allowed to play the game.
  17. All shorts will be the same length as your basketball shorts.
  18. Tight- fitting or form- fitting shirts will not be allowed. (Girls make sure you are wearing a properly fitting sports bra.)
  19. No undergarments may be visible.
  20. Shirts must be worn at all times (Boys)
  21. Athletes: You or your parents need to inform the coach that you will be missing practice. If you fail to do so, it will affect your playing time in the next game.
  22. Win with character; lose with dignity.


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